Thank you for visiting my web site! My background as a parent and years spent as a camp counselor and physician have kept me in touch with the wonders of children and their love of exploring.

     I hope that you will find Julie’s Climb a book that will excite the imagination of children and enhance their interest in the outdoors. It begins with a realistic description of Julie as she learns the skills necessary for safe climbing but casts caution aside as she is drawn to something she sees. She finds herself in a life-threatening situation. The story then enters a child’s fairy tale world and her rescue comes from a very unexpected source.

     The pastel and ink illustrations by Steve Hrehovcik, skillfully catch the spirit of the story. The book should be enjoyed by children from 5 to 9. Even those who are reading chapter books can get caught up in Julie’s adventure.

     Harry and Maude Take it On is my second book. Harry is a well meaning but somewhat bumbling retired Mainer who manages to get into trouble when undertaking the decisions that are familiar to others in that stage of life. Whether it’s buying a computer, Christmas tree, lawn mower or going fishing he is grateful for Maude’s level head coming to the rescue. It is written in a humorous vein with each chapter a separate incident.

I believe that there is a great deal of satisfaction derived from the process of writing itself. We all know of the difficulty experienced by authors in getting their work published. Unless they have wide-name recognition or have an editor who can work for them it is difficult to gain the attention of one of the larger publishing houses.

     I am fortunate to be able to use the professional services of Maine Authors Publishing and Cooperative. They are well set up to provide all of the services needed to help authors self publish books of the highest quality. Authors have total control of the design and layout of the book. They can  choose an illustrator who they believe would best depict the spirit of the text. The avenue of self publishing is an increasingly important venue for maintaining the viability of books and the printed word.