Harry and Maude Take It On


Morse_HarryandMaudelgMaude’s practicality is tested by her impulsive but loveable Harry. Whether searching for the perfect Christmas tree, vacation paradise, mysterious Southern cult or a new lawn mower, Harry quickly leads them into unexpected trouble. Retirement and marriage call for both parties to give their best. Harry and Maude provide a unique depiction of what that “best” might be.

David Morse is a masterful storyteller who paints pictures with words through his great attention to detail and description. Harry and Maude Take It On is a stunning collection of short stories that together weave the narrative of an older couple as they go through the trials, tribulations, laughter, love and heartache that make up a life and marriage. Harry and Maude have forever entered my heart and will surely enter the hearts of readers everywhere. I highly recommend this beautiful book. —PATRICIA LEAVY, PhD, author of American Circumstance

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Review of Harry and Maude Take It On

Reading David Morse’s book, Harry & Maude, is much like spotting yourself in your own home movies, for many of his stories resonate with similar recollections and you relish his time capsules and poignant memories with instant joy and laughter.
For examples, what couple cannot identify with bargaining over winter getaway accommodations, ingenious do-it-yourself repair, or the annual ritual of negotiating the “right” Christmas tree?

Morse’s delightful turns of phrase, such as “potholes, winter’s gift to Maine tire dealers,” his rich imagery and infusion of varied town names and regional icons clearly set the tales in Maine in the 21st century while references to bicycle coaster brakes, Kilroy, and drive-ins establish for the reader the passage of time and Harry and Maude’s closing in on 50 years of marriage.

From the start David Morse has captured human nature with vivid metaphors and every day details as Harry’s comfortable, broken-in slippers or muttering under his breath.  Their car is an old Olds that Harry tinkers with to keep it running.  Maude is Harry’s equilibrium, his partner and foil: realistic, logical, predictable, and loving.

Morse’s stories also depict the give and take necessary to sustain a long and successful marriage.  When Maude says she would like to go on “a real date,” Harry capitulates. Likewise, Maude gives deep sea fishing a try. Both are adventures.

There are delightful twists and laugh-out-loud elements in each narrative. Collectively, they reveal the meaningful and heartwarming moments in the relationship of Harry and Maude – and perhaps your own.

Reviewed by Carol Manchester
Author of:
Joseph K. Manchester
Northern Son in the South: 1861-1863
His Letters, Family, and Friends