Julie’s Climb

JULIE’S CLIMB – A Children’s Book

ClimbCoverSmallA cautious young girl learns to overcome her fears and develops into a skilled mountain climber. Her curiosity leads her into a dangerous situation. Rescue comes from a very unlikely source. “Julie’s Climb” is a tribute to all young people who follow their adventuresome spirit.

Here’s an Excerpt!

Julie began to move very slowly, searching for small crevices to hold onto while carefully sliding her feet, feeling for the next little crack in the rock. It was a very slow process and she began to realize how tired she was. She felt her sore fingers start to lose their grip, and her legs began to shake. She was in big trouble without a rope to help her rest.

Then she heard a deep voice come from above her.

“Can I help you, little girl?”

Julie no longer considered herself a little girl, but this was no time to argue the point.

“Who are you and how can you possibly help?” Julie asked.

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